Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i know the last secret for Wii!!!!!!!!!!
osoko tanaka wrote some time ago, that he is not directly working for nintendo, but for another company which produces screens.i think it is sharp!!why? cause osko always tried to tell us in mysterious ways, that there will come an adapter for wii shows new graphik-experiences.
i found an old article:
" our own Darren Gladstone discovers what may be a secret component of the system: a 3D display. The article reveals that Nintendo has been in discussions with Sharp to possibly use its 3D display technology in a future portable system.
so the future-system in 2004 was the revolution=WII
so, do you know what would be possible with such a screen for wii?- you wont need a tv- the objects of the game will be displayed in virtual space without need of wearing goggles!!!- you can touch the objects directly and manipulate them with the wii-remote!!!!!! ( thats one reason, why nintendo calls it "touch-generations")- probably nintendo will sell for it 3d-films (downloadable)
my guess is, that the wii will project image-signals (the blue light of the wii osoko always tried to focus!)to the new 3d-screen!!
think about it :)
+ thx 2 osoko tanaka, who played a very intelligent game with us, he never lied!!!he is one part of he N-game

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The next unbelieveable generation on the way???

i found something very interesting in the www. has updated their website. and as we know from the past there was a rumor that 3dh is in contract with nintendo.( they have now finished their "holo-projection" take a look:

Gaming EngineGaming Engine 3dh™ research and development is working on the next generation gaming engine which will accelerate the gaming industry growth toward 3dh™. The engine contains 3D HoloProjection™ capability as well as real time physics and photon mapping properties. The engine has the ability to handle significantly larger/higher resolution data files than the engines currently used in the industry. The HoloPlayer™ is a proprietary media player for 3D HoloProjection™ based content. Current media players are unable to perform the complex process required to play the larger .3dh files. The HoloPlayer™ was created to optimize the playback efficiency of 3dh media. The 3dh HoloConference™ and HoloBroadcasting™ applications are also built upon the HoloPlayer™ and are used to play live 3D HoloProjection™ content. 3D Display’s “no glasses required” 3dh™ is working to perfect both the commercial and consumer display devices for Auto Stereoscopic 3D display without the use of glasses. The platforms include projection systems, computer monitors and large LCD/Plasma screens. 3dh™ has entered into discussions with several major brand manufacturers of auto stereoscopic monitors.

you can read it on

so, the next!! generation will be the latest, my guess, in 2011,
so... will we se new grafics with a "wow" factor?
and will use nintendo this engine??????
thats the question ;)
there is something going on........

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Did Iwata mean the last secret for next year?? :)

"- Nintendo is working on a channel for something that Iwata never imagined. He says a lot of people will be surprised, and it something they are looking to bring out next year."

"Iwata also stated that he cannot see Nintendo going the way of software only. He sees the business of hardware/software as a key component to Nintendo.

( from go-nintendo

My guess is, that he mentioned the last secret for wii.... 3d-glasses or a 3d-screen!

That are once more hints nintendo is giving us in their game they are playing with us.....

Dont forget " You will say wow. when you see grafics" or
"It’s convenient to make games that are played on TVs, but I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn’t the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I’ve always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that."

Perhaos we will see next year NINTENDO MAGIC as an add-on for wii and ds!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Is this the biggist SECRET?

- I know, it s a neverending story.... but this time i tell you guys, it will be the
real deal!

Nintendo has still a joker and will put it on the table, soon...

cause they have to answer sony in the console-war: 399 euro now for the ps3 is more affordable then ever..... so now is the time to show it! cause ninti want to shock sony and microsoft.... but what is "it"?

- It is thin, sharp and wireless.....

- It will show the real next gen grafic!

and nintendo have a new partner! it is toshiba! yes, you have red right, toshiba.

IT is a new 3D screen! it is wireless and work the best with wii! with it you dont need a tv anymore....

but..... wait.. i will write step for step!

didnt you wonder why the nintendo ds is a name (double screen), but wii not? for what does stand wii?? what are the letters? nintendo said in the past, the two ii are the people who play together... that s right, but not all!

W I I means Wireless Imaging Interface or: Wireless Integral Imaging!!!

- you can see here an older video of toshiba:

in this video, you can use it as a table-screen.....but nintendo has make this technolgy perfect,

so you can use it like a normal screen..... emagine all things you can do with it:

- monster are popping out of the screen......
- light-saber like star wars... and you can touch! it with your wii-remote! play online with friends!

it will be a new form of touch-screen, a real-touch!!!! ( there was a man in the internet who wrote this sentence... and now i know, why :) this guy said, he had worked for nintendo, but now for another company... and know we know, it is toshiba!)

- in the text is noticed, that this display will come out in two years, and it was in 2005!

- so we can hope that it will come this christmas or spring 2008!

a gamers dream is born .....

my guess is, that this display will be named: nintendo magic ! ( as we know nintendo has patented this name!)

and we know that nintendo has the strategy to call the ds touch!generation and the wii, too!

but in the moment, we cant really touch with the remote the tv.... but with the new display,

it will work!

and it will work the best with nintendo DS!

Monday, July 23, 2007

NEW SECRET !!!!!! STOP!!!!! NEW SECRET!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!

sometimes.... when you want to know about the future of wii, you should look in the past!!

you should now wonder why! I ll tell you:

you all know, that there were allways rumors, that there are still one or more secrets left...

and yes, thats right, there are....

and what, you should think now.

look at this link :

stop exactly at time 2:20!

there you see an adapter, that is connected on the wii-remote. perhaps you will think now: oh, it s old... it is an early version of the controller.... but that is false..... cause ... do you see another thing? there are weels on the side of the controller! so whith it, you can do something!
and what do you see more? the wii-remotes in this video have a lot of colours.... not only white..

and we know today, that nintendo has announced different colours for the remote in the future!
so the adapter we see there is not old( early conception) it is a very important part of the future.

perhaps osoko tanaka is right with his i-adapter with you can recieve feelings like hot and cold!

you never know..... what i know is, that nintendo is playing a game with us.... and that video is a part of it..... believe it or not..... you will see!

and at the end of this video the guy is switching the remote and the wii is off.... but not the tv! and why is the wii in this video at the middle of the table... and not next to the tv?

"I think maybe if I could do anything, I would make it so you don't have to sit in front of a TV and play. If you could have a machine that you just plugged in and played inside a virtual world that - would be just great." -Miyamoto


"It's convenient to make games that are played on TVs," Miyamoto is quoted as saying. "But I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn't the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I've always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that." -Miyamoto

- cause in some month we won t need a tv to play wii-games..... the wii has a projector for playing 3D- games without tv, wherever you want! and you will be able to watch movies in 3D!

that s it :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Here are the very last secrets of nintendo and its wii !

nintendo has left some amazing secrets for wii, believe it! it will hapen:

you ask now, why so late and not all at the release in nov. 2006.

the question is easy to answer. it s because they want to show all step by step. we have just seen the beginning. and what happens? the wii is home-console nr 1 in japan and usa! and that without having super-grafix. so what would happen, when the grafix become better, that you will say "wow" like iwata said......

but lets get in more details:
you should say, it s not possible for wii to show things as well as ps3 or x-box, but thats not true.
cause nintendo has found a way to show good grafix with low horse-power.
with micro-processor ( nan0 technology) and efficient energie. it runs with hollywood and broadway. it will have cube-mapping, which make the game much prettier and faster.

nintendo needed more time, ll see a lot.
and here are all periphials for wii from now to 2008:

- wii- microfon ( on the remote)
- for chat
-visor ( for the virtual world)
power-glove ( which make you more inside the game: you can feel hot, wet and cold sensations, emagin just to open a door, or to throw or pull things,it will be like in real live)

the best way is to combin. the visor with the glove. it wil be just like in real ife. you wil think you are there. it will be the best gaming-experience you have felt of all times!!!)

- new cannels like :
- cinema channel
- wii talk
and many more....

and games like metroid 3 or sadness ( will use this features!!!!!

thanks to: osoko tanaka, seriousgamer007,, and titus

for all the yars of entertaining!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

FOR ALL HARD-CORE-GAMERS: There is still a last secret for Nintendos Wii:

It will be 3-D-holoprojection of 3dh and nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you would say now, oh... thats very old, there was this roumor a few month ago...

but.... i have some evidences, that this is right!

i am now searching in the web for the secret now 2 years, and first of all:

the most named secrets of users or so called "insiders" is the line between 3dh company and nintendo, when you are googling this names than there are plenty results.

but that alone won t be an evidence.

there is more. you have to read between the sentences.

i found following in the web: an article of ZFUZION about the 3dh holoprojection and you can read it here:

Let’s say it’s a projection environment, like the one we have here at our studio. The neat thing about 3dh’s system is that it will run on a regular desktop computer, and it can be projected by two regular off-the-shelf LCD projectors and displayed on a very industry-standard screen. So it makes the applicability of it and economics of it really work. You can also do it on a CRT, you can do on the web.
Does the user put on the glasses and then stand in front of the projection screen?
Stand or sit. Or you could be at a [computer] desktop environment. It’s most impressive obviously when it’s a theater environment—you can be in a theater and it really comes out at you—but yes, you put the glasses on and now you’re in. The Z in ZFUZION is really about the Z access, the forward and back access, and the imagery comes right off the screen.
Are users then interacting with the objects that they see?
It depends on what we’re designing. You certainly can interact to the degree that you can. For instance, you could drive around in a space. You could, if we were to combine the ZFUZION technique with the basic game engine with physics, you could probably pick things up, move them around, throw them at each other, whatever you wanted to do. So, yeah, again, the ZFUZION approach is simply a way of taking something that you would’ve normally done in a flat world and doing it in a 3D environment. So pretty much anything you could do on a screen, you could do in ZFUZION space. ....."

the link:

so what is a very big hint? - the sentence ."....technic with the basic game engine with physics...."

the basic game engine is the nintendo wii! no doubts!! why no doubts? you would say, it could be ps3 or x-box, too.... but in the text is also said, that it works with a contoler which can pick up things and throw them... and that could only do the wii-remote in 3 d space!!!!

so it would be the best solution with the wii!

and don t forget all hints by nintendo in the past:

"... you will say wow, when you see graphics!"

nintendo isn t lieing!

cause they want not only to have new gamers, they want all hard-core-players, too, cause that s a lot! ps2 sold over 100 mio consoles!
and sony and ms have good hd-graphics, but not a new graphic-style!
that is the important thing! you wil see the games in an new amazing way, the game is now just before you in the room! and nintendo will use it for films, too!
it will be a very very big new market of games and films, and everybody want to have it!
believe it or not.... i bet with you..... that will be happen!
but when?
i can only guess, i think maybe on chrismas, cause it s a good time to sell.

i can only hope, that nintendo will revealing it soon!!

-thanks to :
all people who are believing in nintendo (and 3dh!)
and specially to: benjamin m. glückstadt :)
( ha ha, du wirst sehen, ich habe recht! )